Incredible story: From a stapler to the house

Kyle McDonald is a young man who wanted to make a new house in a very unusual way. He started to bang a red clip for things that someone in turn offered him. Kyle made a nice website where you can arrange for a pickup.

“This red clip is standing right at my desk, I’d like to trample someone with something for something bigger, better and better, maybe a pencil, an armchair, a couch or a boat. If you promise that you will be trampled with me, my wills to visit you wherever you are. I hope we’ll see you soon, “Kyle wrote on his website.

Soon, Kyle came across a lot of people’s enthusiasm and he managed to trample his red pencil peg. He pounced on his pencil for the door handle, and so he continued to get to the tramp more expensive and precious things. Kyle managed to get to a lot of interesting things if they are: Hondin generator, Bidwayser sign, snowmobile, a trip to the two in Columbia, a contract to record a song ….

What has brought him most success is the day with the band Alice Cooper. After a number of different barges, Kyle got a cushion with which she could spend all day with the popular rock band, Alice Cooper. He changed the passport for the role in “Donna on Demand”, and then played the role of a tramp for the beautiful house Kipling.

Kyle showed us that dreams can come true if you wisely start to run after them.