Why you should always have a paper clip handy

Sometimes the smallest things are full of surprises. Like paper clips. They are not only good for stapling …

… it can also be converted as:

1. Tape end marker

Stop rumbling to find the tape end! Just drank a paperclip – ready!

2. Emergency hair clip

When it gets hot: Even as a hair clip, it serves its purpose!

3. bookmark

Turn a bit and press – and the heart shaped bookmark is ready!

4. SIM card slot opener

Everyone knows this tiny point on the side of the smartphone, where hides the SIM card. Three times you can guess what fits in this mini-hole … 🙂

5. Emergency button

If a button falls off the shirt, it can be replaced with a paper clip. Does not look fancy, but thinks so much the better!

6. Bracelet extender

Is your bracelet too short to wear it yourself? Extend it with a paperclip! Himself is the woman!