Make a clip-on necklace

You like unique jewelry? The best way to get to it is to do it yourself!
Our associate Tanja gives you an idea! See the post and find out how to easily and easily make a clipboard necklace.

Required material:

– The chain (it can be any color, I used black because lately I was obsessed with a black-gray combination, but if you want a more neutral look, it will also go silver),

– Paperclips (as much as you want; I used 50 because I wanted to cover only a part of the necklace, but if you want the whole necklace to be covered only for the first time)

The process is very simple.

The fasteners will pull through the chain links until you get the desired look.

Play it! I wanted a simple layout, but you can be creative and maybe combine the clippers with some extras.

Enjoy your unique necklace.

You can do it yourself!