Paper clips are mainly associated with work

In the office and for the private paperwork, they are practical, as a decorative object, they have not shone so far. But the helpers can do more than hold papers together! Instead of having them dusted in the drawer, we use the paper clips quite differently. Inspired by Pinterest I made a purist photo holder. Looks cool (not just in the office) and it’s done in five minutes!

Put together paper clips
The basis for the photo decoration is a chain of paper clips. Some children have already driven their mothers and fathers mad by putting all the paper clips together and making such a necklace. Exactly according to this principle also the DIY photo decoration is tinkered. Just plug in as many paper clips as you like, until a long “wire snake” forms. Merging works the easiest way as shown in these pictures:

Pinning photos
Depending on the decoration target, put together one or more paperclip chains. I made two chains. These are so light that they can easily be attached to the wall with pins. Now select photos and stick to your whim on the paper clips. I’ve opted for square photos to give the photo deco an instantly modern touch through the Instagram look.

The easypeasy paper clip DIY idea can be modified as desired. How about colorful paperclips for children’s pictures, for example? Or with black paper clips and square black and white images to achieve a very clean look? In addition, the paper clip chains do not just hang down. If you like, you can easily attach both ends to the wall to the right and left and clip photos – the photo garland is done!