DIY Office clips with charm

Unfortunately, that did not matter because the leaves salad in our study took on Mount Everest dimensions (completely unexpected overnight, of course), so we could not possibly have started the normal week into the new week without creating good order. Well, in retrospect, we are very happy that we could remove our mountain and build up our file folders. Especially when I (Tina) realized that you can make the whole thing – if you have to do it – creatively and joyfully.

So we came up with the idea, not all related sheets with hundgemeigen paper clips, but with our colored good mood Paperclip Pos-it’s (uff, a great word for the gallows game!) Filed. And tadaaaa: It worked, mountains are gone, leaves laid and fun has also made it!

For copying please long here:

► You will need: ○ paper clips ○ masking tape ○ pens ○ scissors

► How to do it: 1. Cut off the masking tape (4cm approx.) 2. Stick it to the paper clip 3. Cut the teeth 4. Label any 5. Done!

►► For students, the variant with the masking tape at the top is particularly suitable. So you can do it e.g. use as a small bookmark.◄◄

Note: Please do not copy our mistake -> We first stuck the masking tape the wrong way round. So first check the orientation of the paper clips and then glue the masking tape.